Video of the Month: “Don’t Touch My Hair”

By Cynthia Lashawn


“Don’t Touch My Hair” is the latest single, and second video release from Solange Knowles’ album “A Seat at the Table”. The video which was directed by her husband, Alan Ferguson, displays artistic aspects that many try to achieve in 2016. This video not only provokes a sense of nostalgia through wardrobe, but also pays homage to various hairstyles that were or are popular in the black community (including the classic finger waves). Aside from style, the contemporary modern dance sets the tone for the song.

My favorite part of the video happens at the end of the video where the dancers and Solange are dressed in white, lining the staircase while dancing together. I would have to say Solange’s dance solo wher she can be seen “twerking” made me laugh, but I understood what it means to be unapologetically black. The video is a great visual aesthetic for the song and is definitely worth watching. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!


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