MSU Student makes derogatory post

Last week MSU freshman and member of Delta Gamma sorority Reyna Muck, posted a derogatory picture on social media. This picture features a gorilla that mocks the current Dows high School (Midland, MI) kicker, Ashton Brooks who is African American. Several on campus groups have expressed their concern over the post Ms.. Muck posted, calling for disciplinary action. Organizations such as BSA (Black Student Alliance), NPHC, and the NAACP have expressed their support for students of color at this time.

Several students have called for Ms. Muck to be expelled from the university. However, President Simon and the Vice President of Student Affairs have also released statements to the public that voice their concern over this heinous post and stating they will look into this incident before they take further action.

Since this situation occurred, Muck has taken to social media to apologize for her actions. She was also removed from her sorority, Delta Gamma, a few days ago. However, she recently made another ill-fated post on her Twitter account. She states that she made one bad joke and now must make new accounts to get away from “section 8 twitter”. She also responded to a meme that was made using Ashton Brooks’ picture Clearly Ms. Muck has not learned her lesson. I do not believe that her apology was sincere and she must be held accountable for her actions.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Please feel free to comment below!


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