Is MSU for or against the Immigration ban?

By Saadiq Ali


In lieu of the recently signed executive order titled, “Protection of the Nation from Foreign Terrorists Entry into the United States,” many students have expressed their feelings of terror and injustice. Michigan State’s president Lou Anna K. Simon, released a statement clarifying the university’s support of the order. Simon referred to the order as “deeply concerning as it runs counter to the global nature of our communities and our nation. At MSU, our core values are quality, inclusiveness, and connectivity, and this action is an impediment to each.”

Mitch Lyons, a member of MSU’s Board of Trustees, took to Twitter to show his support for the executive order and the border that Trump intends to build to “protect” the United States from immigrants. Current students and alumni wasted no time responding to the trustee’s tweet, questioning his position on the executive order and his commitment to inclusiveness. Lyons responded to many of the responses before deleting his original post and issuing a tweet to clarify his beliefs. Many are concerned about the University’s true position on the ban after viewing the tweets.




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