Opinion: Trump’s Reign of Terror

By Kaliah Butler

January 20,2017 at 12:00pm is a day that the world will never forget. On this day history was made. Not for the record breaking number of attendants who attended the inauguration of President Donald Trump, but for the first person to be inaugurated as President without ANY military or governmental experience. Crazy Right!? In a matter of days, Trump was able to divide a country that was already falling apart.

Just in case you haven’t turned on your television lately or checked the numerous news articles that are shared on your timeline, here is an update of the madness that has been going on. Donald Trump has managed to block refugee admissions, and amp up detentions and deportations of unauthorized immigrants. The United States of America is known as the “melting pot” of the world. To exclude refugees and certain religions is outrageous. We claim to be a nation that prides itself on diversity. By putting a “ban” or deporting those of a certain race or religion is like taking the seasoning/flavor out of your grandma’s chili. It just won’t be the same. Trump has also blocked federal funding to any global health organizations that provide or discuss abortions. Abortions have always been a controversial subject, but to decide what a woman should do with her body is completely absurd. So, the unthinkable that we thought would never happen (besides Trump getting elected) is already in motion. Donald Trump signed two executive orders directing the construction of the wall for the US-Mexico border. I do not have much to say about this order, but to remember that “the enemy created walls, but remember GIANTS they do fall.”

Seven days after President Trump was sworn into office his approval ratings showed that 50% of the people disapproved of his actions that he had made so far. Trump’s approval ratings are lower than when George W. Bush left the White House in 2009. So America… Hold onto your seats, because we only have 1,370 days left of President Trump’s Reign of Terror.


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