Black Men in Politics

By: Kaliah Butler


I want to start off this article by thanking the men of Black Men EmpowerMENt Experience and the ladies of Vizo’s Voice for hosting the event Black Men in Politics. This event was very important to have with all of the chaos and commotion that is going on in our political society today. I also want to thank State Representative Jewell Jones and Mayoral Candidate Ken Snapp for taking the time out to come and speak to us and also for keeping it 100 with us the entire time.

When it came to getting involved in politics, both Jones and Snapp saw a shift in representation of black men and saw the opportunity to impact and change the community.


“We saw and jumped with faith,” mayoral candidate Ken Snapp said. These two are some of the youngest men in the political scene, so hearing how they got involved was very interesting. They seized the opportunity that that was presented to them and they ran with it without looking back.


“Being young put us in a unique position and it is important for us to be relatable to the millenniums,” State Representative Jewell Jones said. Half-way through the event audience members had the opportunity to ask questions that pertained to not only politics, but issues in the black communities as well. Some of the topics discussed included the Flint Water Crisis (btw it has been 1,046 days as of March 6th 2017 since Flint residents have had access to safe water), violence and crime in Detroit, and what it’s like to be a full-time student and politician. The men were very approachable and answered every question thoroughly.


If you missed out on this EMPOWERING event check out what MSU students Jeffrey Williams, Jewel Dotson, and Alondria Alvizo had to say:


“We thought this event was really important for millenniums to know that even though we are young we have a huge voice and can make a huge difference in our communities. Black Men in Politics was about advocating for the purpose of representation not only in government, but also in higher institutions. The event started a conversation on what we can do as young people, Jewell Jones and Ken Snapp are still full-time students in college and are still making an immense impact on the community. To those who missed the event, don’t wait to get involved in the community and know that policy is not just one position and everybody plays a key part.”


To keep updated with Vizo’s Voice follow them on Instagram @vizosvoice and subscribe to their youtube channel!


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