The 2nd Annual Black Business Expo

By: Kaliah Butler

The men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and the NAACP hosted their second Annual Black Business Expo on Monday, February 27th at the MSU Union Ballroom. The expo featured many creative and talented business owners from across campus with specialties in fashion, photography, beauty and food! I had a chance to talk to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity members Shawn Griffin and Dayshawn Lyons about the Black Business Expo and this is what they had to say:

“The point that makes this event so valuable is that student business owners who might not have much exposure being on a PWI (Predominately White Institution) campus are able to get the exposure that they need, so it brings a hub of black businesses for people to come look at that want to support black businesses that may not be as publicized. We had an amazing turn out tonight and to those who missed it you missed out on a lot of great businesses! Next year, definitely come out and remember you don’t have to be black to support black businesses.”

I couldn’t agree more with what Shawn and Dayshawn had to say. Black students are in the minority on campus, so not everybody knows about the many businesses that the black community here at MSU has to offer. Having this event at the Union was the perfect location for black businesses to get the exposure that they needed, considering MSU is a PWI. Also, it is really important for the black community to support black businesses because black businesses will not succeed without the help of the black population! So, I was really happy that the student body came to support their peers and learn more about what these student business owners have to offer. If you were not able to attend the Black Business Expo, check out a few of the businesses below that were there!



Alexis Howell- Owner of Bisi Barbie Bundles

Instagram: @bisi.barbiebundles

Twitter: @bisi_barbie



Armani McKaplin- Owner of Legend Premium Streetwear Clothing Line

Instagram: @legendprm



Ashton Keys- Owner of Ninety6 Clothing Line
Instagram: @theninety6

Snapchat: @theninety6



Laurielle Martin- Owner of Glamour Bar

Instagram: @theglamourbar_msu


McClendon Starkes II- Owner of Finesse Creme dela Creme Clothing Line

Instagram & Twitter: @finessecdc



Alaina & Solomon- Owners of Sunday’s & Co.

Instagram: @gsm__16


Camille Thomas- Author of Agents of Change

Instagram: @agentsofchangebooks


#SupportBlackBusinesses #BlackStudentBusinessOwners





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