Jhene Aiko’s album “Trip” review

Jhene Aiko never fails to show us her emotions and different stages of self-discovery through her songs. Her latest album is no different. The album takes us through different stages of grief, love, addiction and joy. According to Aiko, the title was inspired by every type of trip you could imagine, including physical trips as well as mental trips with controlled substances. During this album, Aiko transforms hallucinogenic highs of weed, LSD and shrooms into melodic sounds.

The album opens with the track “LSD” in which she loops special memories of her late brother Miyagi, who she has openly stated how hard his death was for her. In the song, she tries LSD for the first time in effort to communicate with her brother. If you fast forward to tracks like “Jukai,” Aiko tackles the subject of suicide, inspired by the Aokigahara forest. Aiko tackles her addiction in songs like “Nobody” and “Overstimulated”. “Overstimulated” describing the effects of drugs but in such a sensual away that you may not assume it would be about the effect of drugs.

Not only does the album include various collaborations from Swae Lee, Korrupt, Brandy and TWENTY88 collaborator Big Sean, but also from Jhene’s father as well as her daughter Namiko Love.

Although this an extremely long album, when you go song to song you can feel a story being told. Although each song may be different from the song before, all the songs tie in together to tell a story of a journey.

Trip is definitely a different type of album that everyone should give a listen!


Article written by : Chelsea Henry


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