Recap of ASU’s Gala

The African Student Union hosted its annual gala at the Wharton Center. This year’s theme focused on Pan-Africanism. Pan-Africanism is the advocacy of politically uniting all descendants of Africa as one. As many of you may know, there has been many difficulties with Africans, African Americans, and Afro-Caribbeans identifying as one, so the theme of the show really spoke to a lot of us. Throughout the show there was laughter, joy, and a sense of unity that filled the room.

The show opened up with a dance given by the ASU Traditional Dance Group. It then led into a powerful poetry piece given by Suri Chungag. Amal and Rachel performed a forceful and dynamic poetry piece Phenomenal Woman, originally written by Maya Angelou, but with a twist. Their spoken word spirited  the room leaving the audience to acknowledge all the Phenomenal Women in their lives and communities. A skit performed by True Love, Olatolu, and Nanga had the Wharton Center filled with laughter.  The skit was about a young woman whose husband brought her on a reality tv show to confess his adultery or as Olatolu put it “tasting other’s women jollof.” The young woman was furious and sad, but eventually realized that she didn’t need her husband, because she was a successful entrepreneur who had a multitude of things going for herself. This was a very powerful scene, because there are many women and men who experience cheating in their relationships or marriages and stay because they feel they are incapable without their spouses. This is almost never the case.

After intermission, a flag show was performed which to me symbolized unity and respect with the countries across the continent of Africa. I can speak for myself and others when I say a lot of us attend ASU’s Galas looking forward to the dance performances. Once again this year, they did not disappoint. Dancing groups like Zuvaa Afro-Caribbean Dance group who came all the way from Ohio gave us a show that we wouldn’t forget. Following the dances, Hakeem the People’s Poet also performed a poetry piece which focused on this year’s theme Pan-Africanism. Hakeem ended his performance asking the audience when will we all as Africans or Black people unite. His performance was very compelling. The show ended with another performance given by ASU Traditional Dance Group that had the crowd and myself in our seats dancing along to the beat. Overall, this year’s ASU Gala was nothing less than amazing! If there was anything that I took away from the ASU Gala was that WE ARE ALL ONE. If you missed out on this event, follow African Student Union on Instagram @asu_msu so to keep up with their events! Check on some pictures from the event below! 


Article by: Tyreeze Weddington


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