4eva is a Mighty Long Time

Artist Big K.R.I.T has been under the radar for quite some time now, releasing his last full length LP “Cadillactica” in 2014. Teasing fans with a mixtape of freestyles and singles like “Confetti” and “Aux Cord,” K.R.I.T made it apparent he was gearing up to release a project.

On Friday, October 27 Big K.R.I.T released his third studio album “4eva is a Mighty Long Time.” The 22 track double album shows the evolution of K.R.I.T as an artist and human being. Any questions about Big K.R.I.T these past 3 years were addressed on this album.

Disc 1 can simply be explained as Big K.R.I.T the artist, hence the intro record “Big K.R.I.T”. The southern, boom-bass, trunk rattling sound K.R.I.T has become known for was on display throughout this side of the album. Songs like “Confetti” and “Big Bank” exhibits K.R.I.T’s underrated yet top-tier lyrical ability and confidence as an artist, as well as demands the respect he deserves from not only fans but artists in the industry as well. He shows off his versatility and creates an atmosphere that has been missing from rap the past couple of years.  Anything you could ask for or want from Big K.R.I.T was given to you on Disc 1.

Disc 2 transitions into Justin Scott, the side of Big K.R.I.T fans want to know. K.R.I.T has never been shy of explaining his upbringing in church and his relationship with God. He dwells deeper into that narrative throughout this side of the LP. Reflecting on life and where he has been the past 3 years, Big K.R.I.T shines with his willingness to be vulnerable to his fans. He takes fans on a trip of being lost and hypocritical, finding love, and the overall “Price of Fame.” Disc 2 shows a side of Big K.R.I.T that fans always knew was there, but on a more introspective level that K.R.I.T has never reached before.

Article written by Dervon Thompson.

Dervon is a guest writer for Voice Magazine. He is a member of the organization National Association of Black Journalists or NABJ.

“Detroit Native. Current sophomore at Michigan State University. Aspiring journalist with a passion for writing. Sports fan and music connoisseur.”


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