M.D.C Dodgeball Madness

Written by: Julian Stainback  III

The annual Michigan Dodgeball Cup took place this Sunday right here at MSU! Michigan State’s dodgeball team have been grinding hard at practice over the last few weeks. In this cup, Michigan State takes on two of the best teams in the dodgeball league: Central Michigan (ranked 1st) and Grand Valley State (ranked 2nd). State will also play a match against a combined Michigan alumnus. This will be a battle to remember. “We expect to bring home some wins this year for the cup,” says a fellow Michigan State Dodgeball Veteran.

Michigan State took on Grand Valley State University first. The Spartans took a gruesome beating against them. Grand Valley maintained in control of ball possession throughout the game, resulting in a win every time. Grand Valley also dominated the shot clock to their advantage, which was another advantage for Grand Valley. Michigan State did improve some stats over the course of the game. Sandros Letcher (captain) and Assistant Captains Rebecca Shappell and Hunter Whitehill tried to pull their team together and provide a little motivation to at least get one win. In the final round, State managed to start off pretty good, but from lack of communication, it resulted in the loss. Grand Valley won the game with a score of 5-0.

Next, it’s Central Michigan vs. Michigan State. This was another tough battle. State starts off strong at the beginning with Payton Schuster and Daniel Kobina. Payton and Daniel managed to get the most out in the game, averaging 10 outs, 5 for each. State also made a combined total of 11 catches over the course of the game. Michigan State took another beating from Central Michigan and did not advance to the final round. Despite their loss, Payton Schuster and Daniel Kobina were the MVPs of the game with a tie of 10 outs.

At the end of the cup, Current Michigan State dodgeball members battle Michigan alumni team members. It was both fun and relaxing after a gruesome tournament. Current State Team started off very strong, with more catches and outs than ever before. They started to lead with a two-point lead until the last round. The alumni made a steady comeback after a 5-5 tie. The alumni managed to break the tie and win it for their team.


Hunter Colton Whitehill (Asst. Capt.)


Rebecca Shappell (Asst. Capt.)

do3Sandros Rivera-Letcher (Captain)

While every win is a victory here at MSU, there are a few things that can use improvements. In my opinion, the team still has many things that need to be done. Communication and Teamwork seem to be two major factors that affect the team’s performance. Attendance in practice is also a major factor. If the team can work on these factors, they will be an unbeatable team. Michigan State will also be battling JMU in Virginia on Saturday, February 21, 2018. Will they bring home a win? If you would like to be part of the dodgeball team, you can come to IM Sports Circle on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-10pm.


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